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Serbia - Wikipedia
Serbia (Serbian: Србија, romanized: Srbija, pronounced ), officially the Republic of Serbia (Serbian: Република Србија, romanized: Republika Srbija, pronounced [repǔblika sř̩bija]), is a landlocked country situated at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe in the southern Pannonian Plain and the central Balkans. It borders Hungary to the north, Romania to the ...
Serbia | History, Geography, & People | Britannica
Serbia, country in the west-central Balkans. For most of the 20th century, it was a part of Yugoslavia. The capital of Serbia is Belgrade, a cosmopolitan city at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. Serbia’s second city, Novi Sad, a cultural and educational center, lies upstream on the Danube.
Serbian | Definition of Serbian by Merriam-Webster
Serbian definition is - serb. Time Traveler for Serbian. The first known use of Serbian was in 1848. See more words from the same year
Serbian language - Wikipedia
Serbian (српски / srpski, pronounced [sr̩̂pskiː]) is the standardized variety of the Serbo-Croatian language mainly used by Serbs. It is the official language of Serbia, co-official in the territory of Kosovo, and one of the three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina.In addition, it is a recognized minority language in Montenegro, where it is spoken by the relative majority of ...
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Serbian definition, of or relating to Serbia, its inhabitants, or their language. See more.
Serbian language, alphabet and pronunciation
The Glagolitic alphabet was originally use to write Serbian from the 11th century. It was later replaced by the Cyrillic alphabet, and the modern Serbian Cyrillic alphabet was devised in 1814 by the Serbian linguist Vuk Karadžić, and the Serbian Latin alphabet was designed by Croatian linguist Ljudevit Gaj in 1830.
Serbian recipes and Serbian food : SBS Food
Serbian cuisine blends Mediterranean flavours with the heartier eating habits of Central Europe. In warmer weather you'll find fresh salads, like these potato and tomato varieties, whereas winter ...
Serbian Orthodox Church | religion | Britannica
Serbian Orthodox Church, autocephalous, or ecclesiastically independent, member of the Eastern Orthodox communion, located primarily in Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The southern Serbs wavered for long periods in their ecclesiastical allegiance between Rome and Constantinople
Serbo-Croatian - Wikipedia
Serbo-Croatian / ˌ s ɜːr b oʊ k r oʊ ˈ eɪ ʃ ən / – also called Serbo-Croat / ˌ s ɜːr b oʊ ˈ k r oʊ æ t /, Serbo-Croat-Bosnian (SCB), Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian (BCS), and Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian (BCMS) – is a South Slavic language and the primary language of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.It is a pluricentric language with four mutually ...