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Mound - definition of mound by The Free Dictionary
mound (mound) n. 1. A pile of earth, gravel, sand, rocks, or debris heaped for protection or concealment. 2. A natural elevation, such as a small hill. 3. A group of things collected in a mass or heap: found his keys in a mound of laundry. See Synonyms at heap. 4. often mounds A great deal; a lot: has mounds of homework to finish. 5. Archaeology A large ...
Mound | Definition of Mound by Merriam-Webster
Verb. He mounded the food onto his plate. a desk mounded with books and papers . Noun. the burial mounds of an ancient people a mound of dirty laundry a mound of mashed potatoes
Mound - Wikipedia
A mound is a heaped pile of earth, gravel, sand, rocks, or debris.Most commonly, mounds are earthen formations such as hills and mountains, particularly if they appear artificial.A mound may be any rounded area of topographically higher elevation on any surface. Artificial mounds have been created for a variety of reasons throughout history, including ceremonial (platform mound), burial ...
Mound | Define Mound at
Baseball. the slightly raised ground from which the pitcher delivers the ball. See also rubber 1 (def 14).; an elevation formed of earth, sand, stones, etc., especially over a grave or ruins.
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Urban Dictionary: mound
A boring little town in Minnesota with a bunch of stupid kids and way too many pigs. There is absolutely nothing to do in this town but smoke weed. Nothing really goes on in Mound except smoking, cruising, drinking, doing drugs, and sitting around. The school is small and a straight shithole.
City of Mound, MN
The City of Mound is now using CodeRED for all community notifications by E-mail, text messaging, phone calls, and through the CodeRED Mobile Alert app available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.