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Merge | Definition of Merge by Merriam-Webster
Choose the Right Synonym for merge. mix, mingle, commingle, blend, merge, coalesce, amalgamate, fuse mean to combine into a more or less uniform whole. mix may or may not imply loss of each element's identity. mix the salad greens mix a drink mingle usually suggests that the elements are still somewhat distinguishable or separately active. fear mingled with anticipation in my mind commingle ...
PDF Merge - Combine/Merge PDF Files Online for Free
PDF Merge let's you join your PDF files online. No installation, no registration, it's free and easy to use.
Merge - Official Site
Merge solutions facilitate the sharing of images to create a more effective and efficient electronic healthcare experience for patients and physicians.
Merge | Define Merge at
verb (used with object), merged, merg·ing. to cause to combine or coalesce; unite. to combine, blend, or unite gradually so as to blur the individuality or individual identity of: They voted to merge the two branch offices into a single unit.
Merge - definition of merge by The Free Dictionary
merge (mûrj) v. merged, merg·ing, merg·es To combine or unite into a single entity: merging two sets of data; merging two hospitals. v.intr. To become combined or united: "All the shadows on the wall shiver and merge into a single dark silhouette" (Chitra Divakaruni). See Synonyms at mix. [Latin mergere, to plunge.] mer′gence n. merge ...
MERGE - Oracle
Purpose. Use the MERGE statement to select rows from one or more sources for update or insertion into a table or view. You can specify conditions to determine whether to update or insert into the target table or view. This statement is a convenient way to combine multiple operations.
Merge Synonyms, Merge Antonyms |
It seemed to merge into tongues of flame where the lamplight caught it. The objects of reality Strike through their shapes that merge and go. The trouble with efficiency is that it will merge away into excess.
MERGE (Transact-SQL) | Microsoft Docs
Performs insert, update, or delete operations on a target table based on the results of a join with a source table. For example, you can synchronize two tables by inserting, updating, or deleting rows in one table based on differences found in the other table.
Merge Records - Official Site
Free Tote. This holiday season, all orders of $75 or more will receive this Merge tote designed by Laura Ballance of Superchunk.It's just the right size for carrying your records, groceries, beach gear, small animals, or whatever you need in your cool day-to-day life.