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Maintenance | Definition of Maintenance by Merriam-Webster
Soon he could take an Underwood apart and put it together blindfolded, a trick that won him the account for maintenance of all the typewriters at Columbia-Presbyterian hospital … — Ian Frazier, Atlantic, November 1997 The building has suffered from years of poor maintenance. the costs of routine car maintenance maintenance of law and order money for the family's maintenance
Maintenance | Define Maintenance at
care or upkeep, as of machinery or property: With proper maintenance the car will last for many years.
Maintenance - definition of maintenance by The Free Dictionary
main·te·nance (mān′tə-nəns) n. 1. The act of maintaining or the state of being maintained: nutrients essential to the maintenance of good health. 2. The work of keeping something in proper condition; upkeep: car maintenance. 3. a. Provision of support or livelihood: took over the maintenance of her family. b. Means of support or livelihood: was ...
Maintenance (technical) - Wikipedia
Corrective maintenance is a type of maintenance used for equipment after equipment break down or malfunction is often most expensive – not only can worn equipment damage other parts and cause multiple damage, but consequential repair and replacement costs and loss of revenues due to down time during overhaul can be significant.
Maintenance | Symantec
Symantec is proud to protect your organization with our award-winning security products, all sustained by Maintenance. Our business is cutting edge cybersecurity. Your business is to run your business. Maintenance allows you to do just that by working hard to maximize the value of your investment, stay ahead of threats and minimize security risks so your organization is continuously protected.
maintenance | Definition of maintenance in English by ...
Definition of maintenance - the process of preserving a condition or situation or the state of being preserved, the provision of financial support for a perso
Maintenance | definition of maintenance by Medical dictionary
Patient discussion about maintenance. Q. I have lupus and diabetes. Can I get some tips for weight maintenance? Is it true that foods now these days have hormones and other preservatives in it that can make you fatter?
Maintenance legal definition of maintenance - Legal Dictionary
Maintenance. Unauthorized intervention by a nonparty in a lawsuit, in the form of financial or other support and assistance to prosecute or defend the litigation. The preservation
Maintenance Synonyms, Maintenance Antonyms |
mid-14c., "bearing, deportment," from Old French maintenance "upkeep; shelter, protection,: from maintenir (see maintain).Meaning "action of upholding or keeping in being" is from early 15c. "Action of providing a person with the necessities of life" is from late 14c.
Maintenance Schedule | Maintenance | Official Ford Owner Site
Keep your vehicle in optimal running condition with Ford, Lincoln and Mercury's Maintenance Schedule page.