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Etymology. The English word Laos was coined by the French, who united the three Lao kingdoms in French Indochina in 1893 and named the country as the plural of the dominant and most common ethnic group, which are the Lao people. [citation needed]In the Lao language, the country's name is "Muang Lao" (ເມືອງລາວ) or "Pathet Lao" (ປະເທດລາວ), both literally mean "Lao ...
Laos – Wikipedia
Geographie Lage. Der schmale Südteil von Laos liegt auf der Indochinesischen Halbinsel zwischen Vietnam im Osten, Kambodscha im Süden und Thailand im Westen. Der Nordteil des Landes liegt auf dem eigentlichen südostasiatischen Festland, hier teilt sich Laos zudem Grenzen mit Myanmar und der südchinesischen Provinz Yunnan.. Klima. In Laos herrscht tropisches Klima mit hohen Temperaturen ...
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Depuis 1975, le Laos est un État socialiste dirigé par le Parti révolutionnaire populaire lao, parti unique d'obédience marxiste-léniniste.Le président de la République démocratique populaire lao est élu par le Parlement pour 5 ans. Choummaly Souriya Sayasone, qui occupe cette fonction depuis le 8 juin 2006, a été réélu le 15 juin 2011.
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3/12/2018 Five-Year Service Awards Congratulations to the staff from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam who received their five-year service awards between July to October 2018. -- The Gateway to Democracy!
Sunday, April 01, 2018 10:34 PM -0400----- Update at least once a day... April 2-8, 2018 Energy and mines growth boost Laos (Nation or XinhuaNet) THE LAO government says the country will earn increased revenues from the energy and mines sector this year on the back of continued growth.
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Laos, of officieel Democratische Volksrepubliek Laos (korte vorm: ລາວ, Lao), is een door landmassa ingesloten land in het hart van het Indochinese schiereiland van Binnenlands Zuidoost Azië en grenst aan Myanmar (Burma) en China naar het noordwesten, Vietnam naar het oosten, Cambodja naar het zuidwesten en Thailand naar het westen en zuidwesten. Een inwoner van Laos noemt men een Laotiaan.
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Chef Seng was born in Laos and fled the country during the Vietnam War. During her stay at a Thailand refugee camp of Nakhon Phanom, she learned how to cook from her camp neighbors and elders.
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Craters from the saturation bombing echo the horrors of the past I t has been estimated that as many as 450,000 civilians in Laos, and 600,000 in Cambodia, lost their lives. Figures for refugees exceed a million. In addition, the widespread use of toxic chemical defoliants created a massive health crisis which naturally fell most heavily on children, nursing mothers, the aged and the already ...
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