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Entrance | Definition of Entrance by Merriam-Webster
Noun. the entrance of the army into the city the country's entrance into war The book describes his entrance into politics. The thieves gained entrance to our house by breaking a window. She always knew how to make a grand entrance. The main entrance is on the left side. There are two entrances to the park. The ship passed through the narrow entrance to the bay.
Entrance | Define Entrance at
Music.. the point in a musical score at which a particular voice or instrument joins the ensemble. the way in which this is done: a sloppy entrance.
Entrance Synonyms, Entrance Antonyms |
Over the gate was written in large letters, 'The Entrance of Mortals.' We are like men in a subterranean cave, so chained that they can look only forward to the entrance.
Entrance - definition of entrance by The Free Dictionary
en·trance 1 (ĕn′trəns) n. 1. The act or an instance of entering. 2. A means or point by which to enter. 3. Permission or power to enter; admission: gained entrance to medical school. 4. The point, as in a musical score, at which a performer begins. 5. The first entry of an actor into a scene. 6. Nautical The immersed part of a ship's hull forward ...
Entrance Synonyms, Entrance Antonyms - Merriam-Webster
2 the opening through which one can enter or leave a structure . when you come, use the entrance on the right side of the building
Entrance dictionary definition | entrance defined
The front door to your home is an example of an entrance. When you sweep into a room and all eyes turn to look at you, this is an example of a situation where you have made an entrance.
entrance - Dictionary Definition :
Entrance has two pronunciations. If you put the accent on the first syllable, the word is a noun meaning the act of entering or the way into something ("an entrance to the building"). If the accent is on the second syllable, then entrance is a verb meaning "to enchant, charm, or enamor" — "You will be entranced by the movie; the scenery looks so real you will swear it is growing in the theater."