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Dedupe-Centric Storage for General Applications
Dedupe-centric storage is engineered from the start to address these challenges. This paper gives historical perspective and a technological context to this revolution in storage management.DEDUPLICATION STORAGE 2. Dedupe-Centric StorageTable of ContentsDeduplication: The Post-Snapshot Revolutionin Storage . .
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In computing, data deduplication is a technique for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data. A related and somewhat synonymous term is single-instance (data) storage. This technique is used to improve storage utilization and can also be applied to network data transfers to reduce the number of bytes that must be sent.
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Dedupe is referred to as being in-line (also called in-band) when data is analyzed for duplicates while it is being written to the storage media. In contrast, post-process (or out-of-band) dedupe takes place after the data has been written to disk.
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Deduplication should be effective and scalable so that it can find a small segment of matching data no matter where it is stored in a large system . Deduplication also needs to be efficient or the memory and computing overhead of finding duplicates in a large system could negate any benefit . finally, deduplication needs to be simple and
VM-Centric Snapshot Deduplication for Cloud Data Backup
sideration includes VM-centric file system block management for the increased VM snapshot availability. This paper describes an evaluation of this VM-centric scheme to assess its deduplication efficiency, resource usage, and fault tolerance. I. INTRODUCTION Commercial “Infrastructure as a Service” clouds (i.e. public
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Because of that it is usually necessary to implement deduplication in order to achieve (perceived) idempotency. Although some of the message queues / streaming platforms claim that they can deliver exactly once semantics the answer to the deduplication problem is nuanced and we can't get away without solving it. Naturally idempotent projections
VM-Centric Snapshot Deduplication for Cloud Data Backup
Popularity-guided Global Deduplication • Indication of Zipf-like distribution A small portion of popular data represent the majority of global duplicates • Collecting PDS (popular data set) Periodically run reference counting on the fingerprint of stored chunks via map-reduce • Storing PDS Use distributed share memory to store PDS index
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centric architecture • Deduplication storage presents anstorage presents an opportunity to rethink backup – Use disk as disk • Dd li tiDeduplication stlitorage appliances – Help a classic architecture – Are perfect transition to disk-centric – Consider current and future requirements • Look at disk-centric backup packages for
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Install Data Deduplication by using Server Manager. In the Add Roles and Feature wizard, select Server Roles, and then select Data Deduplication. Click Next until the Install button is active, and then click Install. Install Data Deduplication by using PowerShell. To install Data Deduplication, run the following PowerShell command as an administrator:
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String Deduplication – A new feature in Java 8 Update 20. In above case all strings could be deduplicated, removing 4.5MB of data from memory. The Table section gives statistics about the internal tracking table, and the Queue one lists how many requests for deduplication have been dropped due to load, which is one part of the overhead reduction mechanism.