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The Sacrifice
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Valves new comic Portal 2: Lab Rat bridges the gap between the events of the video games Portal and Portal 2 and tells an exciting new story set in the world of Aperture Science

The Dreamer – Adventure. Romance. War. The Dreamer: A ...
Read Wynonna Earp. Lora is drawing the new comic book series based on SyFy Channel's brand new breakout hit, Wynona Earp!
Rimworldme - srgrafo
Ruins of Rimworld #1. Ruins of Rimworld #1
Comic Genesis - New Worlds. New Dreams.
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Hark, a vagrant: 204
Guest comic: Aaron Diaz I've never had a guest comic before! Aaron Diaz just offered to make one for kicks, and because he is a good man and a nice friend!
Hark, a vagrant: 44
Homage to the Road to Animal Farm I made another comic called 'Eric Arthur Blair Shoots an Elephant' but it was like 90% text and some pictures mooshed in the corner.
Nedroid Picture Diary
Hello everyone! I have finally joined every other webcartoonist and set up a Patreon campaign in hopes of increasing my comics output.If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a way to help support the people who make things you enjoy by pledging a small monthly amount (check out the in-depth FAQ here).If you enjoy my work, I hope you’ll consider becoming a patron so that I’ll be able ...