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Catbert is a fictional cat, and the "evil director of human resources" in the Dilbert comic strip. He was supposed to be a one-time character but resonated with readers so well that Adams brought him back as the HR director.
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Transcript. Alice: I can't work with old Ned. He's a sexist, racist, bigoted troglodyte. Catbert: Name-calling is not allowed in this company.
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Dogbert is Dilbert's dog. He is a sadistic megalomaniac, dreaming to conquer the world and enslave all humanity. He has accomplished this several times. However, he often quickly relinquishes his post due to boredom, someone foiling his chance, his conviction that people do not deserve to have him as leader due to the ongoing peace that results, or his desire to go nap on a soft pillow.
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Alice is an engineer from the Dilbert comic strip. She is one of Dilbert's co-workers in the department. She has long curly hair, which transformed into a large and distinctive triangular hairstyle when the character became a regular.
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The Garbageman, often referred to as the World's Smartest Garbageman, is a mysterious and philosophical figure and arguably the smartest character in the Dilbert universe. The calm garbageman is a skilled inventor, having created all sorts of advanced technologies including a weather control device, a phaser and an anti-stupidity gun.
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The famed cartoon Dilbert, by Scott Adams, was created in 1989. It is the most downloaded and emailed comic strip in the world. Dubbed "the cartoon hero of the workplace" by The San Francisco Examiner, Dilbert, appears in 2,000 newspapers in 65 countries and 25 languages. “It might reduce your desire to slap your boss,” says Adams.
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