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SEMS Search | Envirofacts | US EPA
The SEMS Search allows you to retrieve Superfund data from the Superfund Enterprise Management System (SEMS) database in Envirofacts. Specify a facility by using any combination of facility name and geographic location.
Inventory of CERCLIS and Archived Sites by State | US EPA
This report, updated monthly, displays the number of sites by state/possession that are currently in CERCLIS; it also displays the number of sites by state/possession that have been archived or require no further remedial action.
Superfund Data and Reports | Superfund | US EPA
CERCLIS Reports and Data Files - Data updated as of November 12, 2013 CERCLIS was decommissioned in 2014, following the deployment of SEMS. The reports found in the table below draw upon the final CERCLIS data set, which represents program progress as of the end of Fiscal Year 2013.
NETR Online • Rhode Island National Priorities List (NPL ...
National Priorities List (NPL) Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Information System (CERCLIS) CERCLIS No Further Remedial Action Planned (NFRAP)
Superfund Site Profile | Superfund Site Information | US EPA
EPA's Superfund Site Information. Update, Oct. 24, 2018: The Contaminants search tab has been removed pending a data quality review. We will make the functionality available again once the review is complete.
ASTM 1527-05 Phase I ESA Questionnaire - GAEA
Confidential Page 3 10/25/2006 Courtesy of GAEA Technologies Ltd. RECORDS REVIEW Standard Environmental Records Who was the provider for the standard environmental records?
Toxics Targeting's Free Map
Google Street View is Not Available at This Location. Click here to show the Bing Map instead. When you move to a location where Google Street View is available, you will have the option to view it again by clicking "Street View" in the Map Viewing Options.
List of Contaminated or Potentially Contaminated Sites in ...
List of Contaminated or Potentially Contaminated Sites in Connecticut Abstract: Description: List of Contaminated or Potentially Contaminated Sites. This list represents the 'Hazardous Waste Facilities' as defined in Section 22a-134f of the Connecticut General Statutes.
The Right-to-Know Network | Presented by the Houston Chronicle
RCRIS / RCRAINFO. This database includes information from companies that generate, transport, treat, store and dispose of hazardous waste, which are required to report certain activities to state-level regulators.
Release Facility Report | TRI Explorer | US EPA
Data Set The default is Data Source: 2017 Dataset (released October 2018) Select 2016 Dataset (released March 2018) Select 2016 Dataset (released October 2017)