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Free software - Wikipedia
Free software or libre software is computer software distributed under terms that allow users to run the software for any purpose as well as to study, change, and distribute it and any adapted versions.
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MarTek holds a large stock of Electroglas parts* for replacement, as well as offering refurbishment and in-field service. Search this list to give you an idea of what MarTek has in stock.**
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History of free and open-source software - Wikipedia
Sharing techniques before software. The concept of free sharing of technological information existed long before computers. For example, in the early years of automobile development, one enterprise owned the rights to a 2-cycle gasoline engine patent originally filed by George B. Selden.
Ley de Cantabria 2/2017, de 24 de febrero, de Medidas ...
28 de mayo de 2018 AlertCops 4.0: la nueva herramienta de servicio público que supone un canal directo con la Policía y la Guardia Civil